Friday, February 12, 2016

A Few Things I Learned In Pathway This Week

During the gathering I was the lead student and so walked around the classroom during the group study time and listened to each of three groups and participated a little in each. What I find interesting is the things that I found to say in each group.

One group was working on this question. What can you do to reach a point in your prayers where you do not ask anything that is contrary to the Lord's will? I pointed out that even asking for things that are good such a asking that God heal someone who has an incurable disease may not be the Lord's will to heal that person. The answer I gave to this question is that if we are in tune with the Holy Ghost then we will always know the Lord's will and will desire to do His will and so we will not ask anything that is contrary to His will.

Another group was discussing these question. If you had lived in the days of Samuel, would you have accepted these prophets? Would you have stood against the masses in their defense? The entire group felt they would accept the gospel because they were all converts to the church and had accepted the gospel. They also felt they would all stand against those who would harm the prophet. I pointed out to them that in their day prophets were stoned and standing by them to defend them could mean death. I asked them if they were prepared to give their lives to defend them.

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